Myth Is This

by Tiger High




Tiger High is a tight knit group of musicians all born and raised in the music mecca of Memphis, TN. The group is composed of Jake Vest (Jack Oblivian, The Trashed Romeos,Echo Friendly), drummer Greg Roberson (Reigning Sound, Arthur Lee’s Love, The Trashed Romeos, Jack Oblivian, Compulsive Gamblers) Vest's brother, Toby Vest (Shadow Brother, The Trashed Romeos), and Leo Ramos.

The band is led by drummer Roberson, who has acquired an impressive resume as the original drummer for Reigning Sound, featured on their Lp's "Break Up Break Down", "Time Bomb High School", "Too Much Guitar", and "Home For Orphans". In 2005 Roberson joined Rich Retard (The Retards & Lost Sounds) and Jack Oblivian (Oblivians & Compulsive Gamblers) in the Knaughty Knights to release one Ep on Jay Retard’s Shattered Records label. In late 2005, Roberson was approached by sixties psychedelic icon Arthur Lee to put together a new version of LOVE based out of Roberson and Lee’s hometown of Memphis. Roberson worked with Lee & Love until Lee’s untimely death in late 2006. Roberson also spent time as a member of Jack & Greg Oblivians Compulsive Gamblers and with Jack Oblivians Tennessee Tearjerkers.

“Myth is This”, the bands debut full length was released April 3rd 2012, and peaked at #67 on the CMJ Top 200 charts in May.

It is available as an 8 song cassette (through a joint venture between Memphis based Trashy Creatures Records and Fullerton, Ca based Burger Records) or as a Limited Edition hand assembled and numbered CD featuring 12 songs and two super sweet stickers. Both offerings from Tiger High are available through the Trashy Creatures Records secure web store or for Digital download through the trashy Creatures records Digital store

Make sure to checkout Tiger High’s music videos for “Carry My Love”, "Losing Out", & "Myth Is This" on the Trashy Creatures Records Youtube and Vimeo channels.

The bands sophomore offering, “Catacombs After Party” is available as an 15 song cassette (through a joint venture between Memphis, TN based Trashy Creatures Records and Fullerton, CA based Burger Records) or as a 12 song CD. Both offerings from Tiger High are available through the Trashy Creatures Records secure web store or for Digital download through the Trashy Creatures Records Digital store


“Don’t Want to See You Till You Go is tough and hard hitting, but won’t make you want to crack any skulls, you’ll be too busy dancing the whole time."

Get Bent April 2012


Indeed, if all you know of Tiger High is their reverb-doused debut album Myth Is This—which sounds like Phil Spector manning the faders for a crackling indie band—this Memphis four-piece is much toothier onstage. “Myth Is This was recorded before we ever played live,” Roberson says. “Live, we’re really…brutal.”

Accordingly, Tiger High’s sophomore album Catacombs After Party is a lot nastier than its predecessor. The LP, a release date for which will be announced soon, begins with “So Long” which is goosed by sheets of fuzzy clang. “Coral Castles” wiggles with Bolan-meets-Iggy attitude, while “Lightspeed” traverses languid verses and an LSD-vibration chorus before collapsing into tremolo-feedback crescendo.

Paste Magazine Issue #61 September 21st 2012

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More Quotes from the Blogosphere about Tiger High

“ . . . Tiger High slaughtered a loud set of psychedelic soul-garage that was dipped in just the right amount of Costello-y organ. Seriously, Tiger High dudes, come back through town any time you like.”

The Nashville Scene’s The Spin
Record Store Day Recap Friday April 23, 2012


“ Their first single “Don’t Want to See You Till You Go” is catchy, lo-fi that reminds me of another great Memphis rocker, Jay Reatard. Not surprising considering drummer Greg Roberson worked with Rich Reatard in the Knaughty Knights who released one EP on Jay’s Shattered Record label and he also spent some time collaborating with sixties psychedelic icon Arthur Lee. Still, while similarities and connections abound, Tiger High is doing their own thing and doing it pretty well from the sound of things. I look forward to much more from them.”

Write Click Cook Listen April 2012


". . . this record is currently one of my leading contenders for favorite record of 2012."

Memphis Rock City Blog April 21, 2012


". . . the chemistry (of Tiger High) . . . is just as strong, if not stronger than the early days of the Reigning Sound.

Memphis Rock City Blog April 21, 2012


"Tiger High is a band out of Memphis. They make garage pop that is completely and totally made for dancing, shaking your head and spazzing out like you are alone in your bedroom."

Noise Verse Noise April 2012


". . . capturing your ears with their upbeat guitar and tempo accompanied by corky and well timed synthesizing, Tiger High is making their way into the psychedelic rock scene"

West Hem Roll skate/music blog April 2012


About Tiger High’s “Don’t Wanna See you Till You Go” . . . this garage-y song would probably be good in an extreme-sports-themed Disney Channel Original movie. the fame from said movie would catapult this band into a somewhat famous but mostly overlooked Warner Bros. film. and eventually on into a very happie montage from How I Met Your Mother. get it while it’s still cool.

Unclefarkus April 2012


"This band pulls influences from all over the place. The opening track, “Why Oh Why” sounds like what would happen if a 60′s psychedelic band wrote a 50′s drive in theater make out anthem. “Boys At The Bottom” is easily a drinking anthem for the 2010s. The first single from this record, “Carry My Love,” is the sort of song that you could see laser light shows being arranged to in the future. "

Memphis Rock City Blog April 21, 2012


“. . . engaging and infectious punk/guitar rock . . . “

Nick Collins The LA Record March 22, 2012


". . . the single 'Don't Want To See You Til You Go' is hard to listen to just once. It's like a roller coaster that you want to get right back on after riding."

Those Who Dig Ny-based Blog April 2012


“Tiger High is a shining example of a successful, DIY indie unit.”

Jeremy Roberts April 10, 2012


“The band's debut long-player, "Myth is This," is drenched ― drenched I tell you ― in glorious, hazy reverb. It's Memphis rock 'n' roll, for sure. Check the garage-y swagger of "Fire," and vintage cheap-o organ tones and irresistible chorus on "Riding the Wave" and "Hot Black Honda." But influences do creep in from outside The Bluff City. Check "Always Mine," which swings the heartache like Spiritualized at their most forlorn, or "Losing Out," which fuses shimmering guitars and a relentless beat with classic r'n'r strum, like Neu! jamming with Buddy Holly. "Boys at the Bottom" pulls off a sock-hop-rock-with-howling-overloaded-guitar-bleeding-all-over-it vibe. “

Robert Bell Rock Candy Arkansas Times Entertainment Blog March 29, 2012


“Tiger High took the stage and instantly blew us away. By the end of their 30 minute power set, the parking lot swooned with label reps and media folks wanting to know what the hell just happened . . . Tiger High gets our pick as the best band at the festival.”

My Old Kentucky Blog’s Soundland Festival Recap October 3, 2011


“Whoo boy, Tiger High! . . . their straight rock ‘n’ roll set was over all too soon. New favorite band material, right here.”

The Nashville Scene’s The Spin Soundland Festival Recap Friday September 23, 2011


released April 3, 2012

Tiger High:

Jake Vest – Vocals / Guitar
Toby Vest – Organ / vocals
Leo Ramos – Bass
Greg Roberson – Drums

All Songs By: Tiger High
Produced By: Tiger High
Engineered & Mixed By: Toby Vest at High/Low Recording in Memphis, Tn
Mastered By: Kevin Cubbins


all rights reserved



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